Freitag, 30. September 2011

Zurück am Brenner....Back at the torch;)

Hi zusammen, Hi all

nach Wertheim hab ich doch einige Zeit gebraucht um die Eindrücke sacken zu lassen, aber mitte Woche hab ich es dann auch  noch an den Brenner geschaft;)
Die liebe Patricia hat mir erklärt wie sie ihre süssen Blumenperlen macht und auch ihr Video wahr sehr hilfreich. Natürlich musst ich es gleich ausprobieren und bin in einen Ring Top Rausch verfallen;O)
Patricias Blog und ihre sensationellen Videos findet ihr hier.
Aber natürlich durfte auch ein kleines bischen Silberglas nicht fehlen, aber seht selbst:

After visiting a gorgeous Bead Exipition in Wertheim it took me some time to get back at the torch. I saw so much beautiful things that I didn`t know where to start;)
Patricia showed me how to do her cute  Flowerbeads, and also her video was a great help;)
Of cours I had to give it a try, if you also would like to see Patricias instructins check out her Blog.
But of cours I had also to work a little bit with some silverglass, have a look:

So und jetzt gehts wieder an den Brenner;O) Damit ich etwas regelmässiger was zu Bloggen habe;O)

Now I go back at the torch, in order to be able to show you some beads more regularly;O)

Liebe Grüsse

Samstag, 17. September 2011

Its Bead Soup Blog Party Day ;O))))

Hi there

Its finally partytime;)

I am sooo excited to be part of this huge event.
As you remember I showed you some weeks ago my BSBP Partner Rebecca Anderson and the Bead Soup she sended to me. I am so happy to have here as my partner, she is such a talented jewelry designer/artist.
To fresh up you minde here again the picture of the Bead Soup that I got from her:

I really love all the Beads and stuff she sendet to me, and it was also a challenge because I was not used to work with this kinde of vintage jewelry parts;)
I totaly like to wear this kinde of jewelry but if I have to do them by my selfe I am like blocked.
When I opend Rebeccas box of beads I was suprised about myselfe, because I had a lot of ideas what I could do with it;)
And yes...I have a new passion...vintag jewelry ;O))) Rebecca, because of you my kreditcard is glowing;))) I have to buy much more of this nice bras and copper findings and of cours the it;)

Because I am not so used to this kinde of jewelry style I allmost did not used my glassbeads to combine them with Rebeccas Beadsoup, but I am working allready on a turquoise set of glassbeads;O))

When I was looking at all the BSBP members I saw some really nice jewelry with some ribbon includet.
So I gave this as a priority to me to use at least for one piece some ribbon and I have to say I am a little bit proud of my selfe ;O))))

Finally I did one pair of Earrings, two necklaces and one bracelet.
I really want to thank you Rebecca  for the challenge you gave me and the beautyful beads that you send to me. Is great to know you and I hope we will stay in contact;O)

Here my outcome of the 2011 Beadsoup Blogparty:

 With the nice chain and this cooper rounds I did an Amulett . I really like to wear long chain neclaces;)
 This one was a lot of work because I put the beads together with some copper fingers still hurt from working with the wire, but I really love this one....its my favorit;)
 I totaly adore this beautyful porcelain flowers and if I am honest I weard it allready yesterday *shame on me*;O)
The last last one was also the biggest challenge because I really wanted to include some ribbon, finaly I think It came out quite good for the first time;) In this bracelet I also includet some lite blue and green doted glassbeads of my own production and some patinated copper beads that I found on etsy.

And now  I will look around all this beautyful blogs on the list below.;O)

Thank you Lori for the huge organisation, I loved to be part of this creative event...

Have a look on all the others too:

The Hostess, Lori Anderson and her partner, Manuela Wutschke

19. Anna Sabina­­­­ and Erin Siegel















greetings from switzerland,